Total Transparency

We believe in being honest. 

If you've looked through our site, you'll see that we talk through most of our steps and processes taken to get to where we are today - vis a vis being as sustainable, ethical and original as we can be.

Naturally there are probably things that haven't been as detailed as we would like to on here- there are a lot of aspects to running a business - and building a website heavy on writing, isn't always the most accessible way to do it!

But we want you to know that we will take any questions, and concerns without hesitation, and will be totally transparent about our actions, to you our beloved community who positively challenge, and change our outlook daily.

With your thoughts and criticisms, you help us grow into the business we want to be, and justly hold us accountable for the produce we create.

So, for any enquiries please feel free to get in touch by dropping us an email:

Speak soon,

Maurelio & Ellora