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Our Vision

 - We felt there were a multitude of innate inequalities in the food industry that we had observed and did not feel were moral or how we want our vision of food to progress -

We started out as producers of fresh unprocessed momen tofu, and then moved on to change the game in vegan melting cheeses. We created a seasonal range of vegan cheeses that we sold in house (we ran 2 shops in london), supplied on an e-commerce platform, nationwide with weekly deliveries of said goods,  and then alongside this we supplied zero waste shops in the UK, including restaurants with wholesale goods of our items.
We upscaled in production and supplied the likes of planet organic and Wholefoods, and were set to continue to supply the likes of Ocado, Selfridges, Dishoom etc.
At this point in time things took a turn for our business with outer forces dominating our decision making for the future, so we were forced back to the drawing board and rethink what we wanted to do moving forward - do we continue to upscale and grow in the same direction? Or did we want to take this as an opportunity to stop and really respond to all that we had observed and learnt so far..  fundementally we were asking ourselves why we were doing any of this at all? 
The heart of our business has always been to strive to make quality vegan goods, from predominantly one bean (the soya bean), create a cyclical low impact production line (eg using up all the waste) and make it affordable.
Having done this already for quite a while and seeing the behind the scenes of every process of getting retail food on shelves.. we felt there were a multitude of innate inequalities that we had observed and did not feel were moral or how we want our vision of food to progress. 
In deciding this we are now taking our vision virtual.
People do not shop in the same way they used to, people don’t have the same kind of money they used to and the virtual world reaches everywhere in the world.
We have decided to share the recipes of our most loved products direct to consumer by building an app that allows people to access knowledge for free. 
With no hidden charges, people will be able to save money- currently the profit margins are extortionate on all sides of production & distribution and we feel this unfair to the consumer. 
The app will also teach consumers how to make a copious amount of food from single staple ingredients, which should amount to less waste and impact on the world. 
We want food to be an experience that stands not on the shoulders of the engrained idea, that exploitation is necessary for a food system to work, because we know it doesn’t have to be. 
This app will also aim to become a space for an innovative sharing of ideas from all who wish to get involved. 
By sharing ideas and debating with all people we grow and our community ethos will encourage a system that allows people to share because they can, and want to, rather than share for profit and reputation.
We are extremely excited about this new step, and alongside the creations of this which I will be heading, my parents will be travelling the world sharing in person demos of the staples that will be included virtually.
They will be going to all kinds of places and ensuring that this knowledge of vegan food production can be for the Everyman and not just the Elite. 
We are looking forward to what's to come, and if you'd like to donate, contribute, invest or get involved in any way to help this 'non-profit' idea, please email us :