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Our Packaging & Delivery

- Little by little, as we grow, we hope to be the greenest company the UK has ever seen - 



We've come a long way with our thinking about how to package our goods. We started off not being able to afford anything other than the cheapest of plastics, and then saved up a bit and put change and the impact on our environments at the fore-front of everything we do.

We've always wanted to be as green as we could be, but the harsh realities of overhead costs and overall runnings of a business often makes progress slow. BUT, we are making little changes everyday, and we are trying things out, no matter how ludicrous they may seem (who remembers our edible labels?) to try and think differently, and work against the status quo.

Is it easy? No way. Is it cost effective for us as small business? Right now- not at all. But, can we sleep well at night, knowing that even though we are running a business, our carbon foot print mirrors our private lives ethos? YES we can.

Little by little, as we grow - we hope to be the greenest company the UK has ever seen. We want to hold ourselves accountable for the footprint left behind on every product that sits on the shelves of our deli, and every box of goodies, left on every door step.

So, we are proud to say we are at 90% all home compostable packaging, with the other 10% made up of recyclable materials, such as clear glass, paper, curb side recyclable cardboard.


Furthermore, in true 'artyvegan style - we are extremely proud to say that we have invented an EDIBLE ICE PACK which is the leading force in getting our goods to you all over the UK, in not only perfect condition- but the greenest way we can think of. 

- Noticing our milage, made us think about the efficiency, and environmental impact of trying to be a single delivery service -


We started off delivering everything by bike, we grew too busy to be able to pull it off, so we switched to a pedal delivery service - this grew to be too expensive, so we had to take steps backward... and started delivering by car. Feeling guilty everyday - we saved up, and invested in our own refrigerated delivery van, that has an AdBlue Catalytic Converter. 


'AdBlue® reduces Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. Nitrogen oxide is a harmful gas that can damage the human respiratory system, reducing lung function, increasing allergen exposure and the risk of respiratory illnesses. It promotes the formation of fine particulate pollution and ground ozone – harmful to both health and vegetation' -

Now, is it perfect? No. Would it be better if it was electric? Arguably YES! and we promise you that we are saving up for that everyday.

ULTIMATELY however the journey in noticing our milage, made us really think about the efficiency, and environmental impact of being a single delivery service.

Which is why we we decided that as we expanded to nationwide deliveries, we'd rather invest in using a third party logistics team - which will not only will help us reach more people, but will reduce overall emissions.

More deliveries, reaching more people - with less cars and vans on the road - being led by companies who have the means to invest their money in making for much greener deliveries.

You can find out more about ParcelForce Environmental Pledges and Impact here: