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Our Pledge & Mission

 - We pledge never to drop our standards in ensuring all workers across the food chain are being treated fairly -

Having a passion for great tasting, sustainable foods is one thing, but where we source the raw goods to get to that delicious block of Tofu, or Scheese.. is another. Is is ethically sourced? Are the farmers who grow our base beans treated well? Are they paid fairly? These are all questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis, and we PLEDGE never to drop our standards in ensuring all workers across the food chain are being treated fairly -

Our products are mainly made from just one bean, hopefully encouraging everyone to think about using the entirety of the food they find in front of them... & that protagonist is - the organic, non-GM, soya bean.

Sourced directly from third party distributors ATG Poortman, who work hard to certify that the produce they sell on are sourced using ethical principles, we are happy to see that they action plan audits regularly to ensure these standards are met. Check out: for more.

Whilst, we have worked hard to ensure the soya beans we use, are ethically traded, sustainably grown, and harvested.. we still recognise the carbon foot print we leave behind, as they are shipped from China.

Which is why we are very excited to say, that we are developing every one of our recipes behind the scenes - experimenting with making all kinds of plant mylks as a base, to find and bring you - all of your 'artyvegan favourites, exactly the same, but made from legumes that are grown and harvested right here, in the UK.

OUR MISSION? In a years time, to source our main ingredient locally with the option to go and meet our farmers - as we take more steps to lower our carbon footprint, and bridge the farmer - distributor- consumer gaps,  so we can be more involved in the full process.

Finally we source most of our other ingredients from BuyWholeFoods Online a family run business too, who have built a brilliant reputation of all workers being treated like family.

Check them out for more:

Stay tuned for more on the above.