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Our Arty Vegan Shop

IT'S OFFICIAL, and we're still pinching ourselves but...we have a shop!

Cosy deli style 'artyvegan home, to welcome you guys in to our world of food, art and sustainability <3




Find us: (shopping available, see list of products we currently sell below, hot food available for takeaway soon only SAT & SUN)

the'artyvegan Larder, 21 White Conduit Street, Islington, N1 9HA
*Nearest overground station: Angel tube station
Opening days and times:
  • MONDAY: 11am - 6pm
  • TUESADAY: 11am - 6pm
  • WEDNESDAY: 11am - 6pm
  • THURSDAY: 11am -6pm
  • FRIDAY: 11am - 6pm
  • SATURDAY: 11am - 6pm
  • SUNDAY: 11am - 6pm


*COVID19 rules and regulations:

Finally, don't forget to do the following:

Please use the hand sanitiser on entrance.

Please wear a mask in the shop, unless you are tasting food. 

Remember maximum 2 people, from the same household allowed in the shop.



*Our prices subject to change if suppliers change their prices

*ALL our goods made @theartyvegan are available in store subject to availability, and full list can can be found here: In-Store Product Page

Herbs and Spices

27.Furikake mix 4.90 100g Buckinghamshire

28.Schichimi mix 4.90 100g Buckinghamshire

29.Hungarian Paprika 1.90 100g Hungary

30.Black organic sesame seeds 1.00 100g Bolivia

31.Coriander powder 1.00 100g Russia

32.Ground cinnamon 100g 1.60 Vietnam

33.Sage 2.00 100g Turkey

34.Chilli Powder 1.50 100g India

35.Sumac 2.50 100g Turkey

36.Thyme 2.00 100g Morocco

37.Madras Curry Powder 1.00 100g UK blend

38.Chia Seeds 1.00 100g Ecuador

39.Oregano 2.00 100g Turkey

40.Cumin Powder 1.70 100g Turkey

41.Turmeric 80p 100g India

42.Brown Mustard Seeds 80p 100g Canada

43.Nuwara Eliya Tea leaves 70p 10g Sri Lanka

44.Rooibos Red Chai 60p 10g South Africa

45.Organic Sundried tomatoes 1.50 100g Turkey

46.Organic Omega 3 seed mix 80p 100g various

47.Organic Almonds 2.90 100g USA

48.Tiger nuts 85p 100g Spain

49.Organic Whole Cashew nuts 2.45 100g Vietnam

50.Fair Trade Cocoa Powder 1.60 100g Dominican Republic

51.Seedless raisins 65p 100g USA

52.Roasted salted peanuts 55p 100g UK

53.Organic Walnuts 2.20 100g Moldova

54.Organic Pumpkin Seeds 1.10 100g China

55.Chocolate buttons 100g 2.50 Scotland


Packaged – Happy Eating House

56.Black bean cooking sauce 4.99 each London

57.Chiu Chow Chill Oil 4.99 each London

58.Hoisin Sauce 4.99 each London

59.Sichuan chilli oil 4.99 each London


Refill Display

60.Chocolate granola 1.50 100g London

61.Okara granola 1.20 100g AV

62.Organic Demerara sugar 75p 100g

63.Buckwheat 80p 100g Mauritius

64.Organic Gluten free pasta 57p 100g Italy

65.Organic White spaghetti 35p 100g Italy

66.Pearl couscous 35p 100g Tunisia

67.Organic Amaranth 60p 100g India

68.Organic Polenta 33p 100g Italy

69.Plain white “00” flour 30p 100g Italy

70.Organic Cannellini Beans 45p 100g China

71.Organic Butter beans 85p 100g China

72.Organic Red split lentils 53p 100g Turkey

73.Arborio risotto rice 40p 100g Italy

74.Organic chickpeas 50p 100g Turkey

75.Organic Green Split peas 45p 100g Canada

76.Organic popcorn 52p 100g Argentina

77.Organic Kidney beans 60p 100g China

78.Organic Soya beans 30p 100g Canada/China

79.Whole black peppercorns 1.40 100g Sri--Lanka

80.Pink Himalayan coarse salt 1.00 100g Pakistan

81.Dried veggie broth mix 40p 100g Various

82.Organic white penne pasta 35p 100g Italy

83.Organic Red Quinoa 65p 100g Netherlands

84.Organic jumbo oats 40p 100g Northern Ireland

85.Basmati white rice 45p 100g India

86.Brown basmati 55p 100g India

87.Wild rice  2.00 100g USA

88.Organic white spelt conchiglie pasta 60p 100g UK

89.Organic white spelt casarecce pasta 60p 100g UK

90.Organic wholegrain gigli rigati 70p 100g UK

91.Barrel aged balsamic vinegar 1.75 100g Italy

92.Garlic infused olive oil 2.50 100g Spain

93.Aethialis olive oil 1.00 100g Greece

94.Duchess rapeseed oil 65p 100g UK

95.Shoyu soya sauce 1.20 100g UK Japan

NEW* Egg Replacement Aqua Faba 0.20/ per gram

NEW* Korean Pantry - FROZEN OKARA KIMCHI DUMPLINGS (WHITE) 0.75/ per piece

NEW* Korean Pantry - FROZEN OKARA KIMCHI DUMPLINGS (SPICY) 0.75/ per piece

NEW* Poppets FROZEN baby food boxes £15/ per box 

NEW* White Vinegar 0.46 100g


Fresh produce (Bakery ) arrives fresh on Monday and Friday)

96.Okara sourdough loaf 4.20 each  (Doh Life)London

97.Okara cinnamon buns 3.00 each (Doh Life) London


Handmade produce Chocolates)

98.Myshroom caramel bars 3.50 each 0r 3 for 10 (Oh myshroom) London

99.Myshroom Peanut Caramel Moons 4.00 London (Oh myshroom) London



100.Cacao pow deodorant bar 6.50 each UK

101.Organic Here we flo bamboo pad 25p each UK

102.Organic Here we flo bamboo pad box (88 pads) 20.00 UK

103.Organic Here we flo tampon pack (8 regular + 6 super) 4.50 UK

104.Faith in nature body wash 1.00 100g UK

105.Faith in nature shampoo 1.00 100g UK

106.Faith in nature conditioner 1.00 100g UK

107.Faith in nature hand wash 1.00p 100g UK

108.Bonjour nature okara soaps  4.95 each UK

109.Kiss the saint okara wax melts 2.80 each UK

110.Fill laundry liquid 50p 100g UK

111.Fill fabric conditioner 30p 100g UK

112.Fill all purpose 35p 100g UK

113.Fill wash up liquid 35p 100g UK




114.Lunaria Malvasia orange wine 20.00 (biodynamic) Italy

115.Lunaria Sparkling orange wine 22.00 (biodynamic) Italy

116.Lunaria Ruminat Primitivo red wine 19.95 (biodynamic) Italy

117.Bianco di custoza Gorgo di Briscolo Veneto (white) 16.00 Italy

118.Cotes du Rhone Villages l’Amandine Seguret 18.50 France

119.Patrick Tranchand Fleurie Poncie red wine 22.50 France

120.Grande Courtade rose wine 750 ml 15.00 and 1.5 lit 30.00 France

121.Doppio Passo Primiitivo red wine 14.00I Italy



122.Milli Prus Dried Bouquet 40.00 UK


123. Recylced Sari Bags 2.50 (small) & 3.50 (large)