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Maurelio & Ellora

- the’artyvegan- creators of artisanal plant-based food, made with heart -

We are, a father and daughter culinary duo who have been vegan for over thirty years, bringing fresh, handmade, eco- conscious, low impact goods to food-lovers across the world

We specialise in the sustainable uses of the soya bean, and together we focus on producing high quality, affordable, vegan foods, using an artisanal craft approach & always striving to be completely zero waste.

We are proud to look at ‘vegan cooking’ with a broad audience in mind. We do not believe in 'veganism only for the rich', and pride ourselves in offering a different options of consuming our diverse range of products, which attempts to maintain affordability & help cater for all - no matter ones' monetary stature.

In essence the’artyvegan is a vegan local London business, but at its' heart our food is made for everyone

*All IP including recipes belongs to THE'ARTYVEGAN LTD



What did you want to be when you were younger?
I grew up in Switzerland, but I’m originally from Calabria (Italy) & football was
a huge part of the culture growing up as a young boy, so I wanted to be a
footballer. I played football throughout and up until my late teens and then I
decided to leave it all behind and go travelling. My first trip was to India - I fell
in love with the country, and I knew I had to travel for the rest of my life.

What inspired you to get into the business you are now?
I met my wife, Veena when I was in my 20’s and we both had the same
passion for travel, so we made the decision to start a family and use her job
as an english teacher as the means to travel around the world. We wanted to
bring up our children with an open mind, constantly moving 6 months to a
year at a time, and settling all over the world; Turkey, Sri- Lanka, Tunisia,
Russia, France, India, Japan and many more.. I had trained as a chef in
Switzerland, so my background was in food, but the long hours required to
sustain that meant that my wife and I decided that she would be the main
breadwinner throughout these adventures, and I would be a house-husband.
In that way I could enjoy being a father but continue to have the space
creatively to learn about new foods. When Ellora (our second daughter and
my now business partner) was born, we settled in Japan for a year.



It was there that I learnt the art of making Tofu, in both the commercial and traditional ways. Throughout our travels we opened many food businesses,
because as I learnt from these new cultures and grew in inspiration, we
shared ours too - and the joy in sharing and gaining knowledge remains one
of the most electric things I live for. There was something very pure in the art
of making tofu, the respect of process and time taken to make it by hand, has
stayed with me ever since. But that was 26 years ago, and so why now? Why
create this business now? Well, I think because it’s the right time, this family
has been vegan for over 30 years. We have been questioning food and its'
significance globally throughout that time …but today, in 2019, I think there
are more people that are finally now ready to think increasingly about their
food, where it comes from and its’ major affects. So now, more than ever, I
believe we need to share knowledge and be better in business.

What food sparks joy in your life?
I think Indian food really makes me light up.. I worked with my wifes parents
many years ago, learning traditional secrets, and living in India for a long time
too.. I just feel at home with the spices, the combination of flavours, and
overall colour of the Indian food wheel.



What did you want to be when you were younger?
I always lived in a bit of a fantasy, I spent many years wanting to be different
things.. at one point I wanted to be a long distance runner, then a florist, then
a visual artist, then a dancer, then a boxer and so on and so forth.. and then I
found acting, and I realised that it was the first thing I’d tried that allowed me
to do it all - and it was liberating... I’d never felt more at home than in that
moment where my reality blurred out of focus and another reality took the
light. So, I went to drama school, RADA, I graduated in 2014 and I’ve been
working as an actress since.


What inspired you to get into the business you are now?
It’s funny because my role in this was almost an accident haha! Christmas 2019
was approaching and I had a bit of time off in between jobs, and my father
wanted to start a business up for himself, and well, I just thought I’d help him
out a bit as I had some time on my hands. I’ve always been passionate about
food, I’ve always loved coming up with recipes.. but when I started on this
journey, I had no idea what was going to unfold! Nonetheless it was a
beautifully creative thing, and it opened up possibilities that neither he or I
could have ever imagined. In short: It began with my fathers visions of making
Tofu and selling it, but ultimately it grew (and is still growing) into a far greater
opportunity to have the conversations I have wanted to have for a very long
time. Conversations about waste, about food and its impact, and trying to find
sustainable solutions. Conversations about the versatility of food, and
conversations about how to make this accessible for everyone. So, in answer
to your question, I’m not sure anything specifically inspired me to get into this
business, but rather that by falling into it, at a time when there is a growing
curiosity,  I have been relentlessly inspired to take ownership of the
knowledge I have- and so often taken for granted -and persevere with trying
to share some of that with the people we can reach.

What food sparks joy in your life?
One of the things that brings me the most joy when I’m cooking is using
something in its’ entirety - so, zero waste meals. I love taking a plant, and
finding unique ways to use every last bit - whether that be roasting the pips of
grapefruit and blitzing it to use as a powder, or boiling borage leaves off the
flowers and trying to distill and essence to make oil.. its a mad, fun, and
completely magical experience to come up with these little new ways of
making sure nothing is wasted