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GetLooseFoods Producer Spotlight

Who are Arty Vegan?

A father and daughter collaborative; vegans for over 30 years; and two culinary souls bringing fresh, handmade, clean & ‘green’ goods, to food lovers across London.

The’artyvegan particularly specialises in the sustainable uses of the soya bean & with an artisanal-vibe, we have assimilated plant-based-food secrets from travelling and living all over the world...all the while mastering ‘vegan cooking’ through an international audience's palate.


Why they are amazing...

We are expanding our current position from producing these goods in a home kitchen, to a fully equipped kitchen which we hope will also become a community space... but it isn’t just an expansion - we have a vision:

We want to aim to be completely zero waste - so unlike many factories that make soya based products who throw the copious amounts of okara (fibrous residue soy pulp) away, we want to start up a food initiative - dedicating one part of our business that will use this amazing by-product in a variety of ways -to not only make healthy food for the homeless, but train interested people in need to become plant-based chefs.

We want to eventually also have a space that can host a range of events from - high-end supper clubs; a kitchen that can allow our deliveries to zero-waste shops across London to continue;  affordable workshops so people can learn skills to use themselves at home; and in a nutshell create a hub that allows a food based bridge between all walks of life, bringing our local community together and celebrating the diversity in people.


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