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Launching our TASTER SCHEESE SELECTION BOARD & Uffa Foods Collab

Hey family!!

Overdue - yes it is! BUT after much begging for...  we are so delighted to have finally just launched our TASTER SCHEESE SELECTION BOARD box, in collab with yet another small business: @uffaFood !

The box is humble, artisanal and will be sure to give any palate a ride full of surprises!

We’ve teamed up this time, to bring you our very best products all in one place AND knead our Okara (fibrous waste pulp of making tofu) into delicious artisanal ZEROWASTE OKARA CRACKERS!

Taster Box

We are soo excited about this collab, because for the first time ever we get to share with you all our favourites, and you get to eat them with some of the best crackers in town.
Healthy, sustainable, and a product born out the’artyvegan's thoughts about being green over being a money making machine, this revolutionary use of Okara is going to change the face of eating your ‘waste’ ... & this plant-powered revolution has only just begun!!!

So without further ado, please welcome Uffa Food, a partnership of three excellent human beings who care about their food, and the planet about as much as we do!

A bit about UFFA:

“If someone had tried to talk us into environmentalism years ago, we would have shrugged our shoulders and joked. Veganism was extreme, for us: a sort of cult. "Zero-waste" wasn't a concept. "Organic” was a hype. Finally, “shopping local" sounded like an activity exclusively for the wealthy. Well, we were wrong, and we became those people.Today we believe that food should be plant-based, made with local, organic, sustainable and zero-waste sourced ingredients as much as possible. We specialise in Italian inspired food, drawing from our cultures and adding a modern sustainable twist”

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